Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This is day one of creating this Blog. My son has urged me for months to start one and I've finally taken the first step. I suppose I'll use this space for a variety of purposes, like reports on some daily activities, comment on significant news, express opinions about movies or books.

Today I sawed into lumber a 33" diameter White Oak log that was 10' in length. The log was removed from a back lawn of a home after a recent ice storm uprooted this mature tree. The home owner searched for someone like me who would convert the trunk into lumber for possible use in building furniture or some other useful purpose. The home owner didn't like the idea of this tree being used as firewood or hauled to a landfill. Since the tree came from near a home, commercial mills are reluctant to saw these trees due to the risk of metal below the bark and damage to their machinery.
I encountered no metal when I sawed this log. (lucky) I quarter sawed this log and it yielded 280 board feet that can be used to build nice furniture when the boards are cured.


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