Monday, August 14, 2006

Fuchsia Show

While visiting the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and Carl S. English Botanical Garden, a Fuchsia Show was taking place in the garden. The above picture gave directions to the show.

Fuchsia plants of many varieties were on display by their owners. We were asked to participate in a competition by voting on the plant we liked most. It was difficult to decide on the prettiest plant, but each of us came to a decision and cast our votes.

The two below pictures were blossoms in a water glass on a display table. Each blossom is different and two photographs were needed to capture the total table.

The bottom picture shows the fuchsia plant I voted as my favorite. I wrote its number on the paper strip and placed it in the ballot box. There appeared to be several hundred votes inside the box from other visitors.

You may have noticed the wet ground in the top picture. A drizzle began to fall as we toured this show. It didn't amount to much but it caused us to hurry along. This was the only rain we encountered during several days in Seattle.

Seattle is known for lots of rainy days. The annual rainfall is thirty-some inches which is less than where I live in North Carolina for example. The difference which causes people to think so much rain in Seattle is due to small amounts of rain at a time. I understand rain comes in short, passing showers. In my home area it may rain one to two or more inches, then become clear sky for days. In Seattle it might be cloudy skies for days and rain amounts of less than one inch.

I am impressed with people who have passion for their hobby. It is so interesting to talk with the ladies of this garden club and learn about fuchsia plants. They gather together and compare growing practices, show their plants, learn from each other, and share with passing citizens like me. It is encouraging and uplifting to observe people engaging in common interests.

This was an unplanned encounter while on our vacation.

Return here on Monday, August 14 for another blog post.

Have a good day!



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