Monday, June 20, 2016

My Father's Day Message

My father was my best friend for 41 years. No other earthly being came close to that status until those number of years was exceeded by my love and marriage to Doreen. My father wrote me a letter 5 days a week for a year while I was in Vietnam. When I returned and he saw me, he hugged me and held the embrace for an extended time. I'll never forget that hug in the parking lot at his workplace. My father told me often, "Son, open your heart and let Jesus in." I would usually respond with, "I know, I know". What I didn't know is why he didn't know Jesus was already there and working out His will as long as I remained obedient. I know the outcomes of God's will are still being worked out in my life and I thank my dad for his urgings, his example, support, and friendship for as long as his time lasted.


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