Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Millennial Generation

I finished a book last week that left me in stunned silence. The book is about the millennial generation and their faith when placed into a religious neutral organization and then sent on high risk assignments. This generation includes young people who reached maturity around the turn of the century. The focus of the book is on this twenty to twenty-five year age group who are serving in the U. S. Military in Iraq. It compares them to previous generations in our country and shows how the lack of faith in the current "warrior code" along with the absence of great speeches from leadership, and the restrained role of the military chaplains go a long way in explaining the behavior at Abu Graib. The book is "The Faith of the American Soldier" by Stephen Mansfield, 2005. Although the book deals with military persons of the millennial generation, I believe the lesson is applicable to all in this age group. I urge you to read this book at your earliest convenience.


At 1/15/2006 10:35 PM, Anonymous joan said...

Thanks for the book review, Mike.
I am halfway through Blood Done Sign My Name and I think I'll put The Millennial Generation in my reading queue.

Also, since I see that The Straight Story is on your favorite movies list, you should check out the trailer for 10mph.
Happy blogging!


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