Thursday, March 09, 2006

November 17-19, 2005

During the title date range, I visited my brother in Fayetteville to hang-out a few days and "do stuff" together. He and I are around six years apart in age, have similar backgrounds and interests, and enjoy spending time together. He retired from the U. S. Army with twenty- years service and has started a new career. While in the military, he was Special Forces and HALO Instructor. (High Altitude, Low Opening) as in parachuting. Civilian parachuting this way is called "sky diving", the armed forces call this type parachuting "military free-fall" as compared to "static- line" parachuting. More about all this later. While visiting my brother, we attended his daughter's basketball game at Jack Britt High School. Wow! I was most impressed with this high school campus and building. Here are two photos. This Cumberland County high school is about five years old and the most impressive setting and architecture of any high school I've seen. The statistics for the 2004 -2005 school year indicate a 90.7 % pass on End-of-Course Testing compared to 74.8 % state-wide. If you would like to compare statistics of another high school of interest, then start here. The administrators I saw in and around the gym were professional in appearance. The students and parents I observed were people I was proud to be in attendance. Thanks for inviting me there.

I'll tell you more about how we spent our time together later.

Have a good day!


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