Saturday, March 18, 2006

Vespers, Op. 37

Can you imagine yourself singing in a choir and singing in a language different from your native tongue? Take, Russian, for example:

Priidite, poklonimsja Carevi nashema Bogu


Come, let us worship God, our King

I had the privilege to attend a concert where this singing was performed by around one hundred twenty members of the Cantata Singers and the Winston Salem Symphony Choral. Cantata Singers are students of the NCSA (North Carolina School of the Arts) and the Symphony Choral are talented voices from the community.

On Sunday evening February 26. 2006, I, along with hundreds more attended the performance at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem. James Allbritten, Conductor, directed this choir as they performed the composition by Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) called Vespers, Op. 37.

For about one hour, the overflow crowd heard the voices of the choir as they sang praises to the Lord in Mr. Rachmaninoff's native language of Russian. As I watched and listened, I saw in the choir, my wife and her friends.

It was a wonderful evening of worship.

Have a good day! (in the Lord)


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