Sunday, June 25, 2006

After Death

A few years before Lee's death, Dot had a discussion with her daddy. She asked, "Daddy, if you were to die before mother, would you expect her to marry again?" After thinking about this question for a couple minutes, Lee replied, "Frances is still young and she deserves a good man."

Dorothy then asked him, " Do you have anybody in mind?" Again, he thought for a few minutes before he answered. Lee then answered, "Yes, Sam Gilbert"-Dorothy then asked him, "Is there anybody else?" Once again he pondered the question. This time he replied, "Grant Tuttle- Sam and Grant are fine men. Both are widowers and each would make Frances a good husband."

A few years after this discussion, Lee died. The months that followed Lee's death were difficult for Frances and Dot. Frances' breathing was more difficult and her nerves were in a state of disorder. She spent about a month in Clemmons Village Assisted Living to get help. She returned home and continued to work through the grieving process of losing the man she married when her age was 14. Her age at Lee's death was 61 and she showed the stress of hard work I previously described. Dot spent time with her to help both of them adjust to the loss of the man both loved beyond measure.

Dot worked at Brendle's in Reynolda Manor Shopping Center on Reynolda Road at the time. One day while on her job, Sam Gilbert entered the store and asked Dot if he could talk with her. Dot replied, "My break is scheduled in 20 minutes, if you can wait we can talk then." Sam returned and joined Dot on her break. He asked her, "Dot, what would you think about me seeing your mother?" Dot replied, "It would be fine with me. I suggest you go to her house and knock on the door. If she invites you inside, then visit."

A few months later and within one year of Lee's death Sam and Frances were married. This seemingly quick marriage surprised most friends, extended family members, and neighbors.

Sam had five children and several grandchildren. Frances had one child and no grandchildren.

Frances and Sam had a good marriage for seven years until she died in January, 2001. Frances and Sam planned to be buried side-by-side in the same cemetery where Lee is buried. A grave headstone was erected for the two about seventy-five feet from Lee's lone grave.

Sam died a year later in January, 2002 and is buried beside his first wife Vivian in the cemetery at Doub's Methodist Church. Frances is buried in the plot that was planned for she and Sam.

The placement of bodies after death is important mostly for symbolism and the comfort of decendants who visit these sites and reflect on their ancestory.

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