Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Constable J. L. Anderson

Lee was elected Constable of the Dozier, Old Richmond, and Tobaccoville areas of Forsyth County in the early 1960's. He won the election by one vote against his opponent Dak Rierson.
Howard Odell Long of Tobaccoville claimed credit for Lee's election victory. Of course, every voter for Lee could make the same claim, but I can imagine Howard saying, "Yes, but I was the last voter and cast the tie-breaking vote so the outcome hinged on my vote more than it did on yours-ha, ha, ha, ha"!

The top picture shows Lee in uniform, with tobacco, pistol and badge ready to enforce laws of the land in his jurisdiction.

Lee used a knob on the steering wheel of any vehicle or tractor he operated. He made vehicle directional turns much sharper than most people as he used one hand and the knob to quickly spin the steering wheel. It was comical to see him make such turns. You would have thought he had "power steering" on his cars and tractors by the way he made them change direction. He could drive on snow and ice covered roads when other motorists were spinning sideways and making no progress.

He served warrants for the sheriff and pulled over motorists who were driving too fast or who littered the roadside. One night he followed a car that swerved excessively as it moved along the dark rural road. After pulling over the car, he discovered a lone woman from the area who had a reputation of drinking alcoholic beverages. Lee confirmed she was too intoxicated to drive so he made her leave the car there as he drove her to her home in his car. She was in his front seat as they drove. During the trip, she leaned over, hugged Lee and tried to kiss him. Lee couldn't take his one hand off the steering wheel so he tried to disuade her by saying, "I have tobacco in my mouth". She responded with, "Oh, give me some of it". He finally got her home and out of his car.

When Lee arrived home, he explained the close encounter and assured Frances that he was always faithful to her. I believe Lee did not run for a second term as Constable.

The below pictures shows the official badges he earned, the steering knob he used, and the metal gripper he displayed on the artificial arm where the hand should be. I never saw him use the gripper except to take his right hand and lift his fake arm in the direction of young children to watch their startled reaction as they pulled away from him toward the protection of their mom or dad. Lee would get big laughs from this gesture.

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At 6/14/2006 8:48 AM, Blogger t browder said...

It appears that Lee left political office after his encounter with a rather amorous woman! I'm going to try and find a "girlfriend" for Bush! Great humorous story-- thanks!



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