Friday, May 19, 2006


Persimmon is a fruit bearing tree that usually doesn't grow to be large. Persimmon grows slowly and is characterized by bark with deep crevices. The wood is extremely hard and was used to make golf club heads before light weight metals were developed.

The fruit from the tree is eaten by raccoon and other animals. Some people make pies from this fruit after it ripens following fall frosts.

A good friend of mine harvested this tree from a homeowner who no longer wanted this persimmon tree near his house. We milled these four logs into boards for furniture building plans. Previously, this friend built a "chimney bookcase" from persimmon and it sold for a handsome price.

The wood is yellow with random black spots or streaks when freshly sawed. After curing the yellow turns to a dull brown while the black spots remain. Hand-crafted, custom-made furniture pieces made from unusual wood is desirable to some people who like unique, high quality furniture.

The pictures here show the logs, the process of milling, and my friend's trailer loaded with lumber and slabs.

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