Friday, May 05, 2006

Morning Walk

Many mornings I walk for exercise at C. G. Hill Memorial Park on Balsom Road. This park has two circular paved loops joined by a connecting trail. One complete pass around both loops and two passes along the connecting trail equals 0.98 miles as measured by my GPS device. A couple other regular walkers and I follow the gatekeeper as he opens the park at 7:00 AM during winter months and 6:30 AM during summer months.

One trail loops around the lake where we see Canada geese and other ducks every day. Last week we started to see a new brood of mallard baby ducks . The mother started with twelve and is now down to seven as you can see from the pictures here.

We often see deer near the upper loop and less frequently see or hear wild turkeys.

After a week of seeing the baby ducks, the number is down to five from twelve. I suppose predators or survival of the fittest may explain this.

Have a good day!


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