Monday, May 01, 2006

PO is Paul Orfalea

Kinko's is the nickname given to Paul Orfalea (OR-fah-la) and the name of the copy store he started in Santa Barbara, California in 1970.

Copy This!, by Paul Orfalea and coauthored by Ann Marsh, is the book where I learned the information I wrote in the previous postings.

Don't feel alone if you didn't know about Kinko's and its history. Before reading this book, I didn't know any of this and had never been inside a Kinko's copy store. My son-in-law's father worked at one Kinko's in Cincinnati for six years after he retired from another company and confirmed it was exciting and a great place to work.

A good friend, Tim Browder, sent me an email with the correct person's name the next day after my first posting. I was surprised. On a hunch he connected the nicknames and Kinko's store; he conducted Internet searches to arrive at the person for whom I was writing.
He did further reading about this man and decided to donate the $15.00 to a charity for dyslexic persons. Congratulations to Tim. My thanks to all of you who submitted guesses throughout the series.

Thank you for following this blog series. I hope you found Paul Orfalea's experiences enlightening. I urge you to read his book for much more insight. He is a good example of how someone with low test scores and near the bottom in class rank can still succeed in our country.

Have a good day!



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