Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Matter of Respect

While at college, Brillopad, Pubehead was labeled with a new nickname because of his hair. He didn't like this new nickname any better than the previous ones, but he decided to use it to name the business. His mother assisted in this decision because she said words with heavy consonants were easy for people to remember. Words like Xerox, Costco, Kodak, and Google are easy to recall.

From here forward I'll refer to this person as PO as in Post Office because it's easier to type and easier to read.

PO has a knack for understanding people and selecting ones that fit his personality test.
Here are just some of his criteria:

Are they honest? Have they saved money? Do they speak clearly? Do they arrive on time?

Punctuality is very important to PO. He believes that showing up late for an appointment, a meeting, or a scheduled gathering is disrespectful to other people and he doesn't tolerate it.
He says "there is no worse way to disrespect another person than by making them wait for you".

He believes "integrity is like virginity- you only lose it once".

As for honesty and paying taxes, PO says "I've always been diligent about rendering the government its due".

"He remembered one time a partner put a quarter in a paper machine and then removed two copies instead of one". "It makes my hair stand on end!", he said. "I still worked with this partner, but I let him know what I thought about that".

PO had an experience early in life that destroys some people. He was kidnapped and sexually molested by a man who was later caught and imprisoned.
The way PO coped with this incident and lived with this nightmare was by forgiving this man. (Again, an example of internalizing the concept from the Bible, Sunday School, or church)

PO's business grew and he expanded as he hired many partners. He let the managers and employees run the business as he stayed on "top of the business not in it". His philosophy is to "manage the environment not the people". Although he was the founder and company head, he hated attending board meetings. His short attention span and sometimes temper (from having ADD) caused him to be disruptive in meetings like these. He much preferred dinner meetings in restaurants or the frequent picnics where partners and employees met to relax and really get to know each other.

Return here on Thursday for continuation of this man's story.

Clarification: Earlier I said his high school class rank was 8th out of 1200. I meant 8th from the bottom. I corrected that on the original.

I expect to get a flurry of emails with the clues offered in this posting.

Have a good day!


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