Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pfafftown, Part II

Fifty to eighty years ago these three country stores were places to go for sugar, flour, soda pop, candy, hoop-cheese, fish (in a barrel of brine), chewing tobacco, and neighborhood conversations. There were other stores that long ago were demolished like Kearney's near Old Richmond School, Whitman's in Dozier (converted to residence), and Pfaff's at the end of Transou Road at Yadkinville Rd.

The store buildings in pictures here are still standing but out of business. Waller's Store, the second picture, is located in Dozier. Edna Waller kept this store open for the past 30 to 40 years until health required her to close last year. It was formerly operated by Emory Long and named Long's Store. This is where I met the school bus my first years in elementary school. The public library's bookmobile also parked here on its route through the county during summer months.

Ernest Kapp's Store, top picture, is located on Seward Circle. This road segment was part of Hwy. 67 until reconstruction straightened this highway and redirected through traffic out of this curve. Kapp's Store closed at this location around fifty years ago.

The store building in the bottom picture was the store owned and operated by Efraim Davis (sp ?) on Old Hwy. 421 (Yadkinville Rd.) in the Vienna community. This building was moved to the property of West Central Community Center in Vienna with plans for restoration. Apparently this plan evaporated when nearby neighbors protested the annual tractor show on these same grounds. The housing development neighbors succeeded in prohibiting the annual event and old-timers' support for this restoration plan apparently vanished.

These sites are part of the "old" of Pfafftown. My next posting will show and describe historic churches.

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