Thursday, March 30, 2006

Coming to a Store Near You

I read in our news that the game of lottery will soon be available at stores in North Carolina.

I vacationed once in Las Vegas and visited casinos there where I played video poker. I bought twenty dollars worth of coins and fed a machine. The coins lasted about an hour and it was lots of fun. I've commented to people that there are fewer ways to spend twenty dollars and have more fun than experiencing the thrill of gambling. In fact, my experience in those casinos caused a feeling of intoxication as that thrill permeated my mind. Therein lies the problem. I could sense that this activity could become addictive and therefore be a controlling force in comsuming time and influencing behavior. I committed that I would not proceed down that path and I'm happy with that decision.

I voted in a Winston-Salem survey a few minutes ago about lottery participation intent. I voted "never" when asked about gaming plans. I voted that way for the same feelings expressed above. I am totally content with what I have and don't need any thrills of possible jackpot winnings. The voting results so far indicate that only about 17% plan not to play. I'm totally OK with all who play and will make no judgment about them.
If you play and win big, I hope you'll still be my friend.

Have a good day!


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