Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pass The Biscuits and Fried Chicken, Please

Several years ago I built a dining table for our home. I started with a very nice walnut tree and sawed the log next to the ground into wide boards. This lumber air-dried for one year before I placed the material in a kiln to reduce the moisture down to 8%. After drying, I built the table by following a plan in American Woodworker magazine (June 1995 page 28). The design is called Colonial Tavern Table and I like it because it's 36" wide and 100" long. The table easily seats 8 adults and it's not so wide to be too formal. The 36" width makes for close and intimate gatherings around the family dinner table.

I used 3, 12" wide walnut boards for the top surface and breadboard finished the ends. This breadboard edge is pinned in place with square pegs that extend into the tenons. The legs, aprons, and stretcher are pine and finished using "milk paint" to give an antique appearance.

These pictures were taken about five years ago when I finished the project and before moving the table into our dining room.

It is serving us well and we've had many family and friends gathered around this table for meals and discussions.

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