Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shhhh..., Quiet Please

There is poetry by Rumi and Maya Angelou just to name two. Their words are raised-letters and cast in bronze and mounted on flat slabs of stone standing upright and rising to eight feet. There are foot prints of bear, turkey, wolf, and deer symbolically at the heading on these plaques that face north, south, east, and west as large boulders are positioned to form a large circle.

The coordinates of this discovery are: N 35 deg 56.434 min
W 79 deg 06.557 min

We absorbed the experience of this place on the first day of Spring, 2006 and then continued to Maple View Farms to eat ice cream with our granddaughter. This farm store is a place where the milk is from cows that are fed no growth hormones or antibiotics. The milk is sold in returnable jars and eggs can be purchased there from free-range chickens.

We enjoyed the afternoon and met the rest of our family at their home for dinner.

Have good day!


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