Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day Trip Fun

The orbiting satellite pictured here is one of several that communicated with my hand held device which directed us to the Duke University campus in Durham, NC. The coordinates further led us to within 30 feet of the Camel monument where we began to look for logical sites for hiding a small treasure. My wife and our granddaughter searched around the ground and found a small plastic film canister in a crack between two surface roots at the base of a tree. The canister contained a note on paper that was tightly folded and stuffed inside. We read the message, signed and dated our entry, observed the entries made by other treasure hunters, and then returned the container to its hiding spot.

This is a fun family activity we enjoy. It requires the Internet, GPS, and satellite technologies.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what we found next outside Carrboro, NC.

Have a good day!


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