Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break

The Cincinnati Union Terminal rotunda dome spans 180 feet wall to wall and reaches a ceiling height of 106 feet. There are no supporting columns. I never before had seen such an enormous inside space. The concourse contains fourteen murals highlighting workers of significant companies in the city. This terminal opened in 1933 when seven train companies consolidated five train stations into one. This station is built on 287 acres and accommodated an average of 150 trains each day during the heyday of trains. During WWII, Cincinnati plants and warehouses loaded and unloaded an average of 28,300 railroad cars each month. Now, the station serves a variety of purposes from museums, historical library, Omnimax Theater, as well as a stop for Amtrak's Cardinal that runs from Washington to Chicago. This is just one of many interesting sites we visited while touring Cincinnati during spring break in March, 2004.

The chandelier in the below picture hangs in another museum we visited and the dining pictures are of us eating at famous diners in and near the city. We visited in the home of our son-in-law's family and enjoyed learning about life and growing up in that area of Ohio and Indiana.

Cincinnati is a big city with lots of culture, history, and attractions. If you've never been there, I can recommend it as a possible vacation place.

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