Monday, March 27, 2006

Time Management

I sometimes feel I need more balance in the way I use time. If I look back over several years and weigh the allocation of activities that comprised my weeks and months, I see my time skewed heavily on certain activity. I noted this when I turned 55 over four years ago. At that time I discussed a plan with my wife of how I intended to re-prioritize how I use time. For example, I decided I was spending too much time on woodworking. I was not spending enough time watching movies and reading books. I was not visiting sites in North Carolina, my home state, that should be seen by native citizens. There were nearby state parks I had never been to see and enjoy. She concurred with my assessment and plan and welcomed the adjustments. Since then, we have watched many movies, I've read lots of books, and we've visited several parks and sites in NC. I consider this personal growth, and I continue to assess and adjust priorities as life's circumstances unfold.

Last week we spent a day traveling to an area of the state where I'd never been and I enjoyed a small section of Uwharrie National Forest. Another couple joined us as we drove together and enjoyed friendly talk. The ladies brought along gourmet snacks and bottled drinks to keep us refreshed until dinner at a BBQ diner in Lexington on the return trip. We saw just a touch of the national park as we hiked a trail to search for a hidden cache using our GPS device. We found one in a rock pile about one-half mile off road. We found another cache along side a bridge on a country road outside Albemarle.

This was a day of quality time with family and friends.

Have a good day!


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