Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Mason Madness"

I'm only mildly interested in college sports until teams advance to final competition. The news this week has been overpowering with George Mason University reaching the NCAA Final Four playoffs and Duke University's lacrosse team sidelined for ugly (and perhaps criminal) party behavior.

I have seen two front page articles in the Wall Street Journal this week about George Mason University and the person for whom the university is named. The basketball team is helping to put this school on everyone's awareness radar. Many people, me included, want to know more about this young college as evidenced by web site visits and telephone calls to administrators at the school. This school's performance should be a source of encouragement for other less known universities who are doing an excellent job of educating and training young people.

I will be watching and cheering for GMU tonight, but win or lose, I hope the team and school's celebration parties exclude strip dancers.

Have a good day!


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