Friday, April 07, 2006

Pfafftown, NC 27040, Part I

Introducing "Pfafftown" (the first name in my blog's URL)

(the first f is silent when pronouncing this word)

It occurred to me that some folks seeing this blog may not be familiar with this suburb. This zip code area of Forsyth County is northwest of Winston-Salem and borders the city limit. It consists of several unincorporated rural areas called Vienna, Dozier, Seward, and Pfafftown. It's beyond the scope of my intent here to write about where these names originated or to relate the old history of this area. However, I intend to show and write briefly about landmarks and some impressions I have of living here most of my life. Some locals living here may not be aware of some of the sites I intend to show you in future days. Others will remember when these landmarks were well known places. People who moved here in the past fifty years may find this information new. Either way, I hope you find it interesting.

The picture below is the current diner where many old-timers hang out to eat and visit. The current restaurant operator has been cooking and managing this eatery for probably 30 years.
It's located along one feeder road to Winston-Salem where most people work.

Later, I'll show you some historical stores, churches, and barns in the zip code area of Pfafftown.

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