Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"A Man in Full"

I invested about 15 hours reading A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe. This 742 page, 1998 novel is about the culture and lifestyle of a rich and powerful industry tycoon, a bank that extended loans to his company, and a rising basketball star who was accused of raping the daughter of a prominent family in Atlanta. The setting is in and around the city of Atlanta with interplay between lawyers, bankers, politicians, and the poor and upper classes.

One of the most notable memories I'll have of this book is the workout session between Charlie Croker, founder and CEO of Croker Global Foods, and Roger Peepgass, senior loan officer of PlannersBanc. As I read those pages, I laughed so long and hard that I paused to wipe my flooded eyes.

I've never read another book that brought me to laughter like some pages of this book.

Another amazement about this book is the extensive word usage by Mr. Wolfe and his knowledge to describe in infinite detail culture, history, personal characteristics, architecture, geography, and anything else you might suggest.

I've got to go now to return this book to the public library because it's five days past due.

Have a good day!



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