Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day 2006

Dear Mom:

When I was in elementary school and you were a grade-mother, you came to school to help with parties for our class. I was so proud when my classmates could see your beauty. I thought," Wow, my mom sure is pretty."

As I grew, I noticed other characteristics in you like patience, your calm manner, and your devotion to Dad and us children. You seemed unflappable when faced with stresses of teenage children and demands of motherhood and marriage.

And then, you returned to school to get a nursing license which led to hospital employment to help Daddy with family expenses. You set a good example with the pursuit of continuing education to help your family get ahead.

You always kept calm as males in our family tooted the car horn to rush you along to go somewhere.

You probably know this already, but, you were a good example for me back then and the same is true today as we engage life and its challenges. I like hearing your perspective when we talk. I admire your attitude and manner. You always steer away from talking negatively about other people and you avoid gossip.

Thank you for the confidence you've had in me throughout the years and the continual encouragement you extend to me.

Because you don't have Internet access, I'll hard copy this message and deliver it to you today.

Happy Mother's Day




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