Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Life and Times of Jasper Lee Anderson

Imagine this for a moment.

Pretend you have a twenty-five year old son or brother and you just received news that he was in a motorcycle wreck. The report indicates that his left arm was completely severed between the shoulder and elbow at the wreck scene and his left leg is badly broken.

This is the shocking news received by Jasper and Elvira Anderson, the parents of 25 year old J. Lee Anderson.

The year was 1941 and Lee was in route from Dozier, NC to Fort Bragg, NC where he worked as a Licensed Chauffeur for defense-work underway there. Lee's father Jasper, his brother Jim, and his brother-in-law Jack Bodenhamer, also worked there as carpenters who helped to build barracks for war preparation. All of them lived in a large white boarding house in Sanford which was owned by a family with the last name Coe.

As Lee reached Sanford, an oncoming car and his motorcycle got too close and side-swiped each other. The motorcycle crashed all over the road spilling Lee and his passenger. The unknown passenger was killed. Lee was lying in the road with a badly broken leg and his left arm completely severed.

The car driver stopped and ran back to the scene to see the bodies. He returned to his car and drove away-never to be heard from to help explain the accident.

A patrolman arrived at the scene and said to Lee, "I'll get you some help!" Lee responded "No, let me die because I can't live without my arm." The officer proceeded to get help from a doctor who lived along side the road where the accident happened. Lee was hurried to the hospital where it was determined that his arm could not be re-attached.

As news about Lee spread among his siblings: John, Leota, Jim, Della, Nettie, Buford, Bess, Ann, Worth, Pat, and Beatrice, an overwhelming sadness and fear settled over this family. In an instant, Lee's life was changed forever. Prior to this tragic accident, he was single and popular, vocationally skilled, and strong.

During the coming days and weeks, I'm going to show pictures and write about the life of my Uncle Lee. The next fifty-two years of Lee's life was nothing less than courageous and heroic.

Return here Thursday to see pictures and learn about this special man.

Have a good day!



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