Sunday, May 21, 2006

Memorial Day, observe it

I Pledge Allegiance

to the flag,

of the United States of America,

and to the republic,

for which it stands,

one nation,

under God,


with liberty and justice,

for all

We recite this pledge at the beginning of each school day. Sometimes when we finish, I will say something like this to the class:

"What we just did was show respect to our mother and father, our grandparents and to all our ancestors. All those people who worked hard, made sacrifices, and devoted themselves to their families and this country. You and I are beneficiaries of their efforts.

You did not construct this school building or pave the road you traveled to get here. The collective efforts of our society and its governance provide all that surrounds us. You are now participants with obligations to learn and build on a foundation so you can contribute to the future.

Even if your ancestors were "sharecroppers", as some of mine were, or even if they were slaves, we especially need to respect their sacrifices for the good we enjoy today."

Now, our class assignment today is .............

The next time you have the opportunity to recite the pledge, I urge you to stand straight, place hand over heart, and say it without timidity.

Have a good week!

The next post will be Tuesday, May 30 when I begin showing pictures and writing about the life and times of J. Lee Anderson.


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