Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Walk in the Park

Fauntleroy is a residential area in West Seattle. Lieutenant George Davidson who took soundings off this bluff in 1857 named this region after his fiancee Ellinor Fauntleroy in Illinois.

Lincoln Park and Colman Pool are in this neighborhood which borders the Puget Sound as shown in the bottom picture. Colman pool is an outdoor, olympic sized pool, open in summer months only, heated to 85 degrees, and filled with saltwater. This was the first pool in the U. S. to use seawater.

The park has many walking and riding trails, picnic shelters, ball fields, tennis courts, redwood trees, and bluffs along the water front.

Many people use the facilities of the park. During summer, it doesn't get dark until about 10:00 PM so there is lots of evening daylight for activities in the park after work..

The four of us were walking along the road by the water on Saturday evening about 9:00 PM. There were picnic tables along the road with a birthday group or church gathering of people enjoying the outdoors. Apparently, they were finishing their picnic and beginning to pack and clean the site for departure. As we approached the area on our stroll, one nice lady in the group met us with leftover watermelon and offered each of us uniformly, triangular-cut melon still attached to the rind. We each accepted a slice and thanked her for the generous gesture to complete strangers.

It's experiences like this that cause me to feel good about people in the area. I wonder if I would have done the same if roles were reversed. Would you?

Return here on Friday, August 18 for an update.

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