Monday, October 23, 2006

Tree Surgeon

Barry reclined on the huge log as I stood next to him. Barry Bell, a friend, is in his mid-fifties and has made a career as a tree surgeon. Residential homeowners hire Barry's Tree Service to remove unwanted trees near their homes. He also cleans gutters for homeowners who need that type of home maintenance.

Barry sometimes calls me to help haul large logs from the job site. The project shown in the above picture occurred a few weeks ago as Barry and I rolled this thousand pound log up the ramp onto my trailer. We decided to rest half-way up the ramp to pose for pictures. Notice the chock on one rail and a cable holding the log for safety. The cable is attached to an electric winch on the front of the trailer. The winch replaces most of the manual labor of rolling the log up the ramp incline.

The below picture shows Barry standing on a ladder to reach above the fork of this twin tower tree. He cut and removed a large wedge in preparation to make the final cut to drop this trunk. He climbed the tree earlier and lowered limbs to the ground with ropes and assistance from his helper, Wayne Norman, who stands ready to apply pressure on the rope to pull the tree trunk in the direction of the planned placement on the ground.

Barry contracted tree fever at age 14 after his father sent him up a 24-foot ladder with a hand saw to cut limbs from a tree in their yard. That was in Ohio where he grew up before moving to Winston-Salem.

Return here on Wednesday, October 25 for an update.

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