Monday, October 09, 2006

Bangkok for R & R

After I had completed six months in Vietnam, I was given a week of R & R (Rest and Relaxation). This was a reward offered to all service personnel serving in the country during that time. We had a choice to go to Singapore, Sydney, Hawaii, Hong Kong, or Bangkok. The military provided transportation to and from the chosen city and I decided on Bangkok.

I departed my combat unit in the field and flew by helicopter to our base camp in Phan Rang to get civilian clothes from my duffel bag stored there. This was the first time I'd been to our base camp since early January 1966 and it was then July. I don't remember if I flew from Phan Rang to Bangkok or if I connected with military flights in Saigon or Cam Ranh Bay.

Anyway, I arrived in Bangkok and spent five days there where I toured the city, partied as GI's do and ate in restaurants for the first time since leaving the United States.

After R & R, I rejoined my unit back in the countryside around Tuy Hoa and the central highlands for six more months.

Return here on Wednesday, October 11 for more.

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