Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Family Values

Herschel considers marriage to Margaret a dream come true. Every week for fifty years the name, Margaret Brett, processed through Herschel's thoughts. She was a high school classmate who graduated, married, birthed children, raised her family and secured a career in nursing.

Herschel graduated, married, fathered children, raised a family, and secured the career in freight transport as I've written earlier.

Spousal death, divorce, and a high school class reunion reacquainted Herschel and Margaret after many years of living separate lives. Their single status enabled them to discover each other and decisions to marry resulted. My wife and I were invited to attend their wedding among the overflow crowd in Lamb's Chapel near Wadley, Georgia. Margaret, Herschel and I were photographed at the reception in the top picture.

Herschel is a good cook and has many favorite recipes. He loves a western omelet once per month and likes two cups of Luzianne coffee per day. Everything should be done in moderation.

Margaret is a wonderful and caring person who loves friends, neighbors, music, church and Herschel. She is now the homemaker and attends to the needs of this new family. Herschel and Margaret attend many community events and enjoy stage productions at the theater.

The first picture below shows Herschel standing beside my brother, Tim. Seated to Herschel's right is his now 97 year old mother. The occasion was an outdoor party at my home a couple years ago. Herschel loves, respects and adores his mother and gives full attention to her spoken words. He telephones her weekly to get updates about her comfort and to hear the latest reports about weather, rain amounts, and clean and noble living.

The bottom picture shows Herschel studying the subjects in photos at the 80th birthday celebration of my mother two years ago. Can you sense the intensity of concentration as he studies the subjects in the photographs?

I invested a segment of time to write about one friend during these past blog postings. I have many friends and treasure them all. Some friends read this blog. In large part, friends and family have made me the person I've become to date.

I look forward to making additional friends as I continue my journey through life.

Return here on Friday, September 29 for another blog update.

Have a good day!



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