Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Between 5:00 and 5:30 A.M., I receive a telephone call once or twice a week. This friend knows that I've been sitting at my computer enjoying gourmet coffee, reading and contemplating devotions, scanning and reading online news, and experiencing the peace and quietness of early morning with my wife.

He and I talk about our day's plans, what's in the news, opinions about hot topics, and otherwise enjoy small talk. This friend is usually calling from his truck as he drives to make freight deliveries somewhere in North or South Carolina.

During thirty plus years of driving 18-wheelers all across the United States, he accrued interesting views and perspectives about life, people, places, and events. I like talking with Herschel Lamb about such matters. Most of those driving years were as an independent trucker which meant he owned his rig and contracted with shippers to pick up and deliver their freight.

I always admire tractor trailer rigs that are clean, shiny, and with lots of chrome and lights. I admire them even more if they aren't bearing down on a motorist's rear bumper. I've heard some people refer to these trucks as gaudy, but I see them as operated by someone who has pride in their equipment and a desire to be the best.

Look at the top picture that was taken by Herschel. This image was captured years ago somewhere in the desert in a western state early one morning. Look closely at that truck and the load of air conditioning equipment. You probably sense the pride my friend possessed about this truck and its freight. The time and place of this picture was special.

The first picture below is Herschel standing by his truck while stopped atop a Rocky Mountain pass.

The bottom most picture appears to be a precariously loaded flat bed. Notice the truck bodies overhanging the flatbed both at the front and rear. He hauled this load from Nebraska to North Carolina without any mishap or shifting of freight. You must realize this load was tied with precision and perfection.

Return here on Friday, September 15 when I'll tell you more about my friend.

Have a good day!



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