Saturday, August 26, 2006

Plan to Visit

There are presidential libraries (museums) in Abilene KS, Ann Arbor MI, Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Boston MA, College Station TX, Grand Rapids MI, Hyde Park NY, Independence MO, Little Rock AR, Simi Valley CA, West Branch IA and Yorba Linda CA.

My wife and I visited two in California while in Los Angeles on vacation.

The Richard M. Nixon Library is located at his birthplace of Yorba Linda. The original home is restored and open for tours. The library complex includes a replica of the East Wing of the White House as my photographs at the top and bottom show. Memorabilia from his entire life are on display. One could spend hours viewing and reading interesting displays of Mr. Nixon's life and time in history.

Richard and Pat Nixon are buried side-by-side on the grounds. I'll show those later.

The Ronald Reagan Library contains a replica of the Oval Office exactly as it was at the White House during his presidency. See first picture below. There were two portraits of former presidents hanging in the office. Andrew Jackson was one and George Washington as an Army General the other. The docent told us that Mr. Reagan most admired these men.

A commemorative postage stamp was issued by the U. S. Postal Service last year to coincide with 50 years of the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955. Click here to read about it.

You may want to plan a visit to one or more of these libraries if you're in those areas.

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