Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bridges in Seattle

The Fremont troll lives under Aurora bridge next to the north abutment. This shaggy haired troll with a grip on a Volkswagon Bug was sculpted by four area artists in 1990 and attracts visitors every day. Phil and Jennifer drove us here one morning where I took the above picture. "Trollaween" parties are an annual event each October 31st.

The first below picture shows a railroad yard along Elliott Bay between Queen Anne and Magnolia areas of Seattle.
The next pictures show a bridge over this railroad yard. Notice the unusual design. This bridge was built by Amgen as a pedestrian bridge for employees or other foot-traffic to get from the main street to the office complex of Amgen. This bridge is said to have cost Amgen $10 million. Amgen is a biotechnology research company which started twenty-five years ago in Thousand Oaks, California and expanded research facilities to Seattle a few years ago. The twenty year average annual growth rate of Amgen has been 28.7%. You do the math and compute what an investment in this company twenty years ago would be worth today.

Back to the design of the bridge: after viewing the below pictures, you may recognize the shape of a helix. A helix is a spiral shape like a screw, spring, or spiral staircase. DNA is also helical and the reason this biotechnology company chose to use this shape in the bridge. See the attached link here for interesting information about helix.

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