Monday, August 28, 2006

The Villa

The PT Cruiser in the top picture is the car we rented while on vacation in Los Angeles. This car was new with only 700 miles and we drove the sporty vehicle all around Los Angeles County. We navigated the freeways during evening rush hours, traveled to Simi Valley, Yorba Linda, Malibu, and El Segundo.

We drove on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu only hours before the Mel Gibson incident on this same stretch of highway in the early morning hours of July 28.

We were in Malibu to tour the Getty Villa. Admission tickets are free but usually require reservations months in advance. We used our laptop computer to go online the day of our visit and obtained a reservation to be there at 3:00 PM plus or minus one-half hour. A printed ticket was required including the UPC code. We secured the services of the Embassy Suites concierge and his printer to produce the hard copy ticket we needed.

I thought a 1909 S VDB Lincoln penny was old, rare, and valuable. But, the Roman and Greek coin collection from antiquity puts the Lincoln penny to shame in terms of rarity and value. The Getty Villa is filled with sculpture and artifacts from the old world.

The Getty Villa is different from the Getty Center which I reported on earlier. The villa was built first and contains much older art, sculpture, pottery, coins, and other artifacts from ancient times.

See the pictures below to get a sense of the architecture of this spectacular place.

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