Sunday, September 17, 2006


A fob is an ornament attached to a pocket watch chain. See the pocket watch and fobs in the picture above. One is an image of a steer's head encircled by a ring. The other is the profile of a turtle with connected letters HTL, the initials of my friend.

The two pictures below are turtle images cut from steel and wood. The turtle suspended inside the wagon wheel rim hangs on the outside of Herschel's woodworking shop.

There is an international fellowship of people who admire turtles. They're somewhat like a fraternity and recognize each other by wearing something in the image of turtle. When one sees another with a turtle, they introduce themselves by name and then ask, "Are you a turtle?" There is a secret answer to confirm fellowship.

This fellowship is an association of people who give deep thought to life in the long-run. The turtle is a reptile that has survived millions of years. Birds survived also and there are people who fellowship around bird watching.

My friend, Herschel, wears the above pocket watch in his blue jeans and overalls. The turtle fob was special-made by a jeweler for Herschel and is one-of-a-kind. This is one example of uniqueness and quality about Herschel. There are other well thought-out distinctions that are identifying marks in Herschel's character and works. I'll fill you in on some others later.

After high school graduation in the 1950's, Herschel joined the Marine Corp and served on embassy duty at United States Embassies in Seoul, South Korea and Wellington, New Zealand. One must be sharp looking, schooled, intelligent, dependable, and disciplined to be assigned to military duty at embassies. Our U. S. Government wants the best Marines assigned to diplomatic posts.

This military duty is how Herschel gained insight into diplomacy, ambassadorship, international relations, and this important function of the State Department. His experiences in these assignments served him well in the following years as a civilian and citizen when he read and interpreted news events involving international relations.

Return here on Tuesday, September 19 for an update on Herschel.

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