Monday, September 25, 2006

Attention to Detail

During the dozen plus years I've known Herschel, I've seen him build television cabinets, a computer desk, bed, wardrobe, rocking horse, CD storage cabinets, dining side-board, blue print storage cabinet, table lamps, bowls, gun cabinets, book cases and other small items. All pieces have been made from solids woods like walnut, cherry, maple, persimmon, oak, ash and mahogany.

He uses no metals in joinery or drawer slides. Hinges and pulls are the only metals utilized and they are carefully selected to complement the character of the piece.

When he completes a project, he dates the piece by embedding a shiny new penny for the year of completion. He uses a 3/4 inch bit to bore a shallow hole the thickness of the coin and glues it securely in place.

He also signs the piece with an ink stamp of the turtle image with his initials. I described the turtle in an earlier post. The date and logo icon are usually positioned on the back or bottom side. Some building projects will have a section painted red, another of Herschel's identifying marks.

Additionally, he hand writes a letter describing the piece, its design characteristics, the materials used, the location where the tree grew, and the sawyer who milled the lumber, if known.

The craftsmanship in Herschel's custom wood furniture makes them valuable. He has given some pieces to family or friends as gifts. Other projects were sold for serious dollar amounts.

I believe Herschel's woodwork will grow in value and in 25, 50, 75 years from now; they will be prized by their owners.

Ogee is the shape of the feet on the wardrobe in the below photos.

Return here on Wednesday, September 27 for my final post about Herschel.

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