Sunday, July 15, 2007

Proper Flag Disposal

In the United States the proper way to dispose of old flags is to burn them. When a flag becomes faded, torn, or frayed around the edge, it should be replaced with a new one.

In these pictures I am disposing of a faded flag after my wife bought a new one for Independence Day observance and celebration. My experience has been that polyester or nylon flags last about one year outdoors before the colors begin to fade. Cotton material lasts less time. I see some flags flying long beyond when I think they should be replaced. I suppose the gradual deterioration isn't noticed by the owner until the condition reaches an extreme.

Some people take their old flag to an American Legion Post where they are accumulated until local scouts burn them as a troop activity usually on Flag Day. I burned this flag in a fire pit located on my deck.

Flag burning should take place discreetly and in a manner that observers would not consider the action disrespectful or a form of protest.

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