Sunday, May 20, 2007

White Incandescent

After seeing full page ads by Walmart and viewing the Discovery Channel's program Green: The New Red, White, and Blue by Thomas Friedman, I became further motivated to conserve energy. I've always been thrifty with resources by not wasting clean water, conserving hot water, turning off lights, heating my home with wood, planning car trip errands to minimize mileage and much more.

I moved to the next level of energy conservation by investing in new incandescent light bulbs as shown in the picture above. My wife and I purchased several packages of these energy saving bulbs after we tested a purchase of one package. I wanted to make sure they made no buzz sound and needed to verify that the bulbs illuminated quickly when switched on. I am satisfied with their performance against that criteria. I learned through trial and error that the bulbs don't perform in conjunction with dimmer switches. After I destroyed one bulb this way, I read the fine print on the package that expresses: not intended for use with dimmers.

I used these bulbs to replace ceiling recessed fixtures that previously contained 75 watt flood lights. These were the ones most often turned on in our home. The 100 watt incandescent lights give brighter light with a promised reduction in electricity consumption.

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