Sunday, May 06, 2007

Roof Shingles

Class A Fiber Glass Asphalt Shingles, Algae Resistant, and Self Sealing are the product features by Land Mark that I used to replace the dated, weathered, and atrophied 3-tab style shingles on this patio roof.

This twenty-nine year old patio is located to the rear of my house and has served as a carport, picnic shelter, firewood and lumber shelter, and a place to sit in the shade during hot summer days. The roof is supported by 4 red cedar posts planted in the ground and surrounded by a cement floor.

The unit of measure for roof shingles is "square". A square is any dimension equivalent to 100 square feet. It takes 66 shingles to cover one square. There are 22 shingles per bundle so a bundle is 1/3 square. Each shingle measures 13 1/4" X 38 3/4". Four galvanized nails 1.5" in length, 11 or 12 gauge with a 3/8" diameter head are recommended to secure the shingles to the underlay.

This patio required 3 squares of shingles plus several 3- tab shingles for the first course on each side and one bundle of ridge cap shingles. This means I hammered over 800 nails as I squatted over each shingle and scooted to position the next shingle.

The total cost was $255 for supplies including the $10 landfill tipping fee for the old shingles. The labor cost was zero since I performed the work. If hired labor had been used, the total cost would have been more than double the materials cost.

The top picture shows new shingles installation underway; the first picture below shows temporary braces and scaffolding, and the bottom picture shows the patio after new shingle completion.

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