Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fallen Heros

I stood mesmerized by images on the 8 X 10 photos as I read of their sacrifices to save others.

Crawford Hall at Parris Island, South Carolina is the Drill Instructor School building. Hallway walls inside are museum like with group pictures of DI graduates dating back to the 1940's. The wall that captured my attention is in the picture above. I estimated 50 to 60 photographs of Marine Medal of Honor recipients from the Vietnam War. A written citation described each Marine's heroic actions. The citations I scanned were awarded posthumously. When I emerged from my hypnotic state, I was alone in the hall because everyone else had moved into the auditorium for the presentation.

The first picture below shows the shopping space of the Marine Corps Exchange where we were allowed entry.

The bottom two pictures show teachers on the Crucible Course where we attempted the team challenges that recruits must accomplish to pass their training. None of our teams came close to completing the requirements within the time allotted.

Return here on April 8 for the final Parris Island posting. Have a good week!


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