Sunday, October 28, 2007

Butchart Gardens

I sensed we were approaching a special place when our car entered the parking lot of Butchart Gardens. This was no ordinary lot of gravel or asphalt; it was a smooth surface of red brick laid in a zig-zag pattern. It was obvious no expense had been spared to make a positive first impression on visitors.

The "wow-factor" had only begun as we walked from the car to the garden entrance. The four pictures above were selected from over one-hundred snapshots we captured of flowers and shrubs in the former cement quarry. This place is another example of God's majestic creation and how one person started this display. A century ago one lady initiated this attraction by starting a flower garden in an abandoned cement quarry pit.

This gift shop inside the garden must be 5,000 square feet with a flow of customers entering the doorways at a rate that would impress Sears and Walmart.

If you're in the area of Victoria, don't miss seeing this garden.

Have a good week!


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