Saturday, December 08, 2007

Best in Class

Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville ranked best when compared to other select North Carolina schools.

I was interested in comparing test results of various schools along the geographic center of the state. I gathered data from North Carolina Report Cards at and prepared the spreadsheets above and below this text. Click on the charts to enlarge them for easy viewing. I chose one or two high scoring schools per county except Forsyth where I selected five because of personal interest in my home region in the county. The schools in the study are West, North, Mt. Tabor, Reynolds, and Ronald Reagan in Forsyth County, Grimsley and Northwest Guilford in Guilford County, Chapel Hill High School in Orange County, and Jack Britt in Cumberland County.

End-of-Course Testing placed Jack Britt highest not only because their overall scores were at or above the scores of other high schools, but because of the score parity among gender, ethnicity and other factors. All groups performed superbly at Jack Britt High School. Male, Female, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific, American Indian, and Multi-racial all scored high on the most recent standardized testing. There were disparities among these groups at all other schools in the comparison.

These results reflect favorably on the parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community around Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Congratulations!

Mike Mabe
Forsyth County native, resident, and Substitute Teacher

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