Sunday, March 09, 2008

Slopes at Whistler

The ride by gondola lasted twenty minutes to reach Roundhouse Lodge. Numerous other lifts provide access to various trails. There are 100 runs accessible by helicopter only. We met a local couple on one ride and learned about the village of Whistler. There are about 10,000 permanent residents in the area. The citizens maintain a fire department, hospital, and school system. The ski slopes accommodate up to 25,000 skiers per day at $83.00 per skier per day. Most permanent residents work in support of the resort.

The village shops offer high quality gear and clothing to outfit ski enthusiasts from around the world. There were thousands of people there dressed in stylish gear and fashionable attire. My wife and I didn't ski, but other family members did and fully enjoyed the conditions.

See the pictures of us riding a gondola to tour the slopes, view the scenery, and to watch skiers and snowboard riders.

Have a good week!


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