Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dinner in Salon E

Three days of getting acquainted, touring Nashville, being entertained, and attending meetings reached the zenith at the Saturday evening dinner in Salon E of the hotel. The commander hosted the evening. Food was served buffet style. Raffle tickets were drawn to decide the lucky winners of desirable prizes. Friendly talk continued among veterans and families as had happened each day. A cash bar was the source for adult beverages and desserts were on the buffet.

The veterans assembled after dinner for a group picture.  Multiple cameras clicked photos for several minutes as we posed.  Then it was time for the wives and families to take their turn. 

Two photos are below and can be enlarged by point and click.  I'm kneeling on the front row far right.

I could continue to write about the reunion and the patriots I met and spent time getting to know. Each person has as an interesting life and experiences that I admire and respect.  I enjoyed all the people I met at the reunion. Everyone was welcoming to me and I look forward to 2010 when the next reunion is scheduled.

When my son and daughter were growing up in our family, there were times when behaviors, attitudes, fun times, or complaining brought me to the point of saying to them, "enough is enough!" which meant stop, change, or leave it alone.  

Now is the time for me to say to myself, "enough is enough" of reporting on the reunion.

Return here on August 3rd for something different.

Have a good week!


At 9/24/2008 1:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough is enough Dad! I thought this was very funny. I remember those comments growing up. I really enjoyed reading about the herb and vegetable garden at Dave and Joan's.


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