Sunday, May 11, 2008


The Shock Doctrine the rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein, 2007, is the most disturbing book I ever read.

Models of society crafted on the concept ultra laissez-faire started in the 1950's at the University of Chicago by Professor Milton Friedman.

During the past fifty years, countries and cultures have have been impacted by economic models of free markets to replace government with privatized services. This conversion is easiest done following war, coups-d'etat, terror attacks, hyper-inflation, and natural disasters.

The dismantling of government was first tested by Chicago School trained economists in Chile when General Augusto Pinochet took control from the Salvador Allende's Popular Unity government. The "Chicago Boys", as they were known, moved into the new government, sold assets, and set up free markets. Many protesters were killed, tortured, or disappeared.

The model of change continued into other South American countries during the years following Chile's test. It continued to Indonesian countries before and after the great tsunami and in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Each instance involves changing government to privatization which results in enriching some and impoverishing many. The greater good for a society is lost and profit becomes the almighty goal.

The architect and consultant behind this great movement was Milton Friedman, the University of Chicago, the economists trained there, and the politicians who followed the philosophy to the extreme.

I recommend you read this book for example after example of how common people have been impacted.

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