Sunday, March 23, 2008

GMC Acadia

We flew non-stop from Charlotte to Seattle, rented a GMC Acadia SUV from Hertz, stayed overnight in Seattle, and drove 220 miles north to Whislter, B. C. The route we drove took us through downtown Vancouver and across the Lions Gate Bridge. See two pictures below.

Vancouver, population 1.5 million, was an impressive city for two reasons. High rise residential buildings surround the downtown and pedestrian traffic fills the sidewalks. I spoke to a resident I met in Whistler about my observations of Vancouver. She told me this: "There has been a reverse movement into the suburbs in Vancouver. People became tired of the commute and lawn maintenance. Many have moved into the city." She also pointed out that Vancouver is second behind Los Angeles in movie production.

Readers who like statistics may be interested to know that I drove the Acadia over 500 miles and measured the fuel economy at 19 to 20 mph. The rides were very comfortable and the vehicle accommodated seven people and ski equipment to and from our condominium.

Have a good week!

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