Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farewell to a Patriot

The man wearing the navy sport coat in the above picture was a recent new friend of mine. I met him only six months ago when I joined the Military Order of Purple Heart, an organization chartered by the United States Congress for military veterans who were wounded in combat by enemy action. George Carter was a Korean War veteran with decorations for valor in combat. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star as well as the Purple Heart medal.

George was always nice to me and made it easy to befriend him. George was friendly and welcoming as we participated in a parade in D. C. after traveling there last November 9, 2007 on a bus loaded with fellow veterans. We carpooled to Mt. Airy last December to be in a parade there. Click here to see a another picture of him at the parade. He visited my home twice to drop off chapter materials.

We met at a prearranged place one day to exchange writings of our military experiences in war. I remember standing beside his van as we talked through the open window of the driver's door. He talked about his activities and errands that day. As I became impressed by his report, I looked him in his eyes and said, "you are a real patriot, George." He looked back at me as if to measure the sincerity of my remark followed by a look of satisfaction on his face. We said departing pleasantries as he put the gear shift into "D" and motored away.

George was a hard worker for the MOPH Chapter 638. He volunteered often at the VA Clinic where many people knew and loved him. He was very popular with people and stayed active until the last three weeks of life.

His obituary is below and a picture of his shadow box of military awards which was on display at the memorial service.

Farewell, my friend and patriot!

Everyone else, have a good week!


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