Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bill Moyers Journal

I record a late night show using EyeTV on an Imac and view the recorded program the next day. Bill Moyers Journal aires at 11 PM each Friday on PBS in my viewing area. If you're not watching this show, you probably should. Current national affairs and reports are discussed with reputable people. Last week was another hour of Mr. Moyers talking with Andrew Bacevich who is a Boston University professor, a retired army colonel, West Point graduate, Vietnam veteran, and father of a son who was killed in Iraq.

Mr. Bacevich presented views about our nations dependance on cheap consumer goods, our undisciplined use of credit, the need to heal ourselves instead of imposing our culture on other countries, and how wrong it is to return the same troops to war zones again and again.
Ninety-nine percent of U. S. citizens live as if there's no war and make little sacrifice toward the war effort.

I urge you to find an hour to watch Mr. Moyers' discussion with this man. Read a sample of hundreds of comments by viewers of this show.

Click here to see the link and view the interview.

Watch Bill Moyers Journal weekly.

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