Friday, May 29, 2009

Quality Family Time

Last weekend our children and grandchildren joined my wife and me at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing near New Castle, Virginia.

The remote camp offers rustic cabins and a central lodge for family-style meals, meeting members of other groups, and hanging out with camp leaders and directors.

Camp activities specialize in building teamwork, instilling personal confidence, bonding with each other, and engaging in fun activities in the outdoors away from TVs, cell phones, and computers.  The young camp directors are well trained professionals with much experience in leading groups. 

The 900-foot zip line and 50-foot climbing wall were especially challenging for us all.  My wife now holds the distinction of being among the oldest females to successfully climb the 50' wall. The picture below is me struggling to hold on using fingers, toes, or sides of my feet.  I actually fell twice before I crawled over the top ledge like a breathless climb out of the deep end of a swimming pool.

We flew down the zip line at 30 to 35 miles per hour.  See the top picture of my son-in-law.

We also hiked trails, ran, canoed Craigs Creek, and gathered around campfires each evening after dinner.  We highly recommend this site for summer youth camps, school groups, families, and company employee team building.  The camp offers Outward Bound experiences for young people as well.  There are ropes courses, caving, rock climbing and much more to do if you desire those experiences.

Here is their web site: Wilderness Adventure

My gallery of more pictures is available here: more pictures

Our family members departed on Monday and traveled home to Seattle, Chapel Hill or Pfafftown. 

Have a good week!


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