Sunday, January 10, 2010


I watched the movie first and then read the book. The book cover, title, and author are shown in the image to the left.

Have you ever imagined meeting the devil(s) face-to-face, in the flesh? General Dallaire met them in Rwanda in 1994, exchanged pleasantries, shook hands, consulted them on matters of security, heard them say they had "sensitized" their people to stop the massacre, and watched them beam with pride. (paraphrased from Dallaire's words on pages 346-347)

Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire is Canadian and was placed in charge of the United Nations Force to keep peace in Rwanda in '93-'94. His book describes the experience and the failure of himself and the world to prevent the massive slaughter of people in the African country.

Most of us have seen the movie "Hotel Rwanda" and gained some insight into what the genocide was like. The movie producer and actors never consulted with Dallaire in preparing the movie, but did a good job from the perspective of the hotel and the chaos. The general described what it was like in the command position for one year as conditions worsened, as Belgian forces withdrew from the country, when equipment and supplies came late or never showed, and as the months passed and humans were hacked to death and bodies piled high throughout the country.

Dallaire points out how all humans are not equal as the actions of world leaders made clear.

The book and movie are not entertainment reading and viewing. It is education and knowledge about the world and how out of kilter humanity is with the commands of our Creator.

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