Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lettie Moore is in the Pfafftown Spotlight

She stands less than five feet tall, but my friend is a giant when it comes to life, laughter, memory, and mental ability. Eighty-year-old Lettie Lorena Doub Moore is still going strong with her monthly calendar filled with places to be to fulfill responsibilities at church, choir, Grange, crafts, ball games, and visiting the shut-ins.

Lettie lives in a mobile home that is anchored to the ground on a plot of land within a few hundred feet of where she was born in 1930.

She left Pfafftown in 1954 when she married Lloyd D. C. Moore, an Alabaman. They lived in his state for thirteen years until Lettie brought Lloyd to Pfafftown in 1967. He worked for RJR until strokes disabled him 1978. Mr. Moore died in 1993.

Lettie became the breadwinner near the end of Lloyd's life by working at Sears in Hanes Mall for eleven years.

Lettie has no children, but sometimes feels mother-like toward her brother Aubrey Doub who lives within sight of her home. Widower Aubrey and sister Lettie frequently dine together at their favorite restaurants. Of course, tomato sandwiches often keep them home to eat evening meals during hot summer days.

Lettie is interested in astronomy and was a member of the Forsyth Astronomical Society for a few years. When asked her about her favorite constellation, she replied without delay, "Orion" and immediately pointed to the sky to describe the arrangement of bright stars that form the belt of the hunter in Greek mythology.

She's also very interested in genealogy and has been a member of the Forsyth Genealogical Society for a long time. Those meetings take place the second Tuesday of each month. The bottom picture is Lettie doing research in the North Carolina Room of the central branch of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Library where she makes good use of library resources. Lettie possesses much knowledge about her ancestors whose history is prominent in Pfafftown starting in the mid to late 1700's.

She's a member of the Winston-Salem Sears Retiree's Club. They meet bi-monthly for meals and fellowship. She's a member of the Pfafftown Rust and Dust Club. This group meets on the third Saturday of each month. Oh yes, she's also a member of the Sing Along Group. The quartet group members sing with assisted living residents at Vienna Village each Thursday morning. The first picture below is Ms. Moore singing there on June 24, 2010 when I tagged along. "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" in the picture below is just one of the many hymns we sang during the hour beginning at 10:00 am.

She also belongs to these groups: Old Richmond Grange, Pleasant Hill Church Bible Study Group, and Doub's United Methodist Church choir. Lettie is on the go somewhere every day. Last weekend she watched her nephew Jimmy Ray Doub play in two softball games on Saturday and five games on Sunday. This tournament play at Kernersville was in temperatures into the 90's. The team that Lettie was cheering for won the tournament.

This osteoporosis afflicted lady is tough and has endurance. There will be more about Lettie next week when I describe her growing up in Pfafftown in the 1930's and 40's.

Have a good week!


At 7/07/2010 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, You certainly do a good job with your posting on your blog. I have enjoyed reading about people of the community as well as my uncle Abe Whitman. It is very interesting the information that you have and the trouble you go to get your information. Thanks for sharing what you learn with the rest of us. Shirley P. Ring


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